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Kory Ellis or Dunk for me but I give Ellis props cause hes sponsored by Yamaha now.
yeah i know there's so many great riders, i just couldn't fit them all. ex) John Natalie Jr., Keith Little, Chris Borich, Dana Creech, Daryl Rath, Jason Luburgh, Dustin Wimmer, Pat Brown, Harold Goodman,Travis Spader (making a comeback), Heather Byrd, Joe Byrd, Chad Duvall, William Yokley, Matt Smiley, Dustin Nelson, Nic Grandlund, Sage Baker, Jeremy Schell, Cyle Chislock, Nathan Dallas, Stephanie Parton, Tavis Cain, just to name a few!
I hate to say it but i never really pay attention to quad racing, and i only know keith little because he is on a yammi. If we were talking about supercross then id have more comments about it.