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Apr 13, 2005
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Has anyone here polished their clutch cover? Do you have any pics?, and what materials do i need to do it? Thanx
you can't.. it's plastic...

The clutch cover is far from plastic - It is Painted Aluminum bro. :cool: Also to "polish" the Aluminum would take about 12 hours and there is a tutorial on here regarding how to go about doing it. I just went and had it chromed since chrome is so much easier to take care of, more shiny, and I just can’t stand spending 12 hours with sand paper.
I thought about hetting some stuff chromed...but you askin for more heat. It will hold alot more heat. I'm ginna polish mine..but I have the stuff to do it and it wont be to hard. ;)
the left side is the plasitc one. it covers were u set the timing. i wish it wasnt..isnt there like a aftermarket cover for it?
I have it too I told bad04 where to get it :mad: god damn poser taking credit... j/k ;) You can order the "stator cover" from any Yamaha dealer or the site. It is made for the "raptor 350" but of course fits the Warrior as well...
LOL ;D Thanks again Death for the info. No.. Bad04 got one because of death. He gets full credit. I just have pics of it on my bike for those to see. I know I spent along time lookin for one untill death saved my life. Man that sounds kinda weird..."death saved my life"...(hmmm how does that happen) ::)
I got one also.I saw the pic on the quad of the month and asked BaD.