polaris irs sport quad?

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Feb 27, 2005
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brighton, michigan
WTF! polaris is coming out with there revelutionary ????? atv that has irs, yes i know super smoth trail riding, but going into turns, that is gonna have so much roll that itll feel like a boat ::) jump landings will be really smoth(if its made to do jumps ::) ) it has a ton of travel, and clearence, but what do you guys think....... oh yea and one sweet thing fox shocks on that thing!!! oooh an heres the link lol http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-us/ATV/2006Models/HighPerformance/Outlaw/
yea i saw that it looks kinda weird but prob gonna be sick on the trail but nothing else
i think the thing is pretty wierd looking... the irs will be good for ground clearence but prolly nuthing else. I wonder how it will handel in a wheelie... ::)
well if it any thing like wheelieing my dads sportsman 500 h.o... it should do ok at the wheelie part..
I'm guessing it's going to ride great in the trails and the rough stuff. Much less high centering at least. Polaris has always had a good thing with the Fox Podiums, they are actually really good aluminum body shocks. Then again they added 40lbs and took the resevoirs off the front shocks... looks to me like they got this IRS sport quad idea and then just threw it on the pred without really thinking it out.
yea, polaris i dont think can hold there own the best with there sportquads, there utility quads are pretty nice, but i dont think many ppl are fans of there sport quads, or shall i put it there single sportquad, the predator