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Local Yamaha want 3 times the price for everything I can order from Royal Distributing in Canada. I use E-bay too. Air filter and durablue axle. I saved $150 Canadianby purchasing axel from a Wisconsin wholesaler, and $10 on the filter.
I drove over an hour away to buy my rappy so that should tell you what I think of my local shops. I compare before I buy anything. Dennis Kirk and Rocky Mtn. It's surprising how much difference there is between them but the cheapest one for one thing may be the higher of the two on another. If I had bought my son's clothes at Rocky Mtn it would have cost three times as much, but the tires I'm going to get are much cheaper at Rocky Mtn. I'm not tight, I'm broke! lol
no money to buy anything for it :-/ :p
No offense to you, but judging by your pictures I would have to suspect that you are either 8 years old or mildly retarted. That's some pretty fancy stuff.