Planning On Buying This Warrior!!!!!

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Nice bike. Very clean. Sounds like that thing should kick ass.

*cough cough*
-YFM Addict
Nice bike but pretty high priced 3400 for a 10 year old quad, i bought mine for 2800 and it was 1 year old, in 2002. It might be elite material but it doesnt really have what most of the other eilites have. 1 thing i dont like is how he didnt say any of the manufactors names for the engine parts, just says high comrpession piston and hotter than stock camshaft. That could mean a shitload of stuff.
DSW, when i called the guy he said that its been on there for abot a year now and he will take $2500 for it!!!!!
2,500 now? That is almost half the price of what he was asking... Id check it out in person VERY thoroughly that is a HUGE drop in cost from what he originally wanted. *sniff sniff* Do you smell fish?