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May 10, 2005
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middle of ****** no where
Yes I know this is just an internet petition but we gotta start somewhere. Id like as many people to sign this as we can.Im petitioning to get the air-cooled class in the GNC MX CC limit to be raised to 350 so we can actually race the Warrior in a class competitley I will e-mail Doug Morris this site and the direct link to this Petition so help me out here guys.
i here-by sign this petition also ;D

i tried sighning the screen with a sharpie, but it just wouldnt stay on the sight, and now i cant get it off!! :-/ :'(
Ive actually thought of a better idea this may be a shot in the dark but if we start a mail petition like Ill write the petition out and send it to the first person to post there address and we can keep sending it to people on here and try an fill her up as much as we can if anyone wants to do this give me your address ill send it to that person an whoever posts there address next send it to them and once the list is full just send it back to me and ill send it to the ATVA.I believe this is an injustice im gonna start writing it right now.
even though i'm not from the U.S i support the idea, it'll be sweet to see some of you guys in the videos and results :D
Alright awsome guys the petition is on its way so the person who recieves it post that you recieved it and then whoever wants it next PM your address to him.
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