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Feb 27, 2005
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Toledo, OH
I took my parking brake off and I was wonderin... you know how it wants too bog down when you take it off. I heard there was a sensor or somethin. Im gonna be getting a new cletch perch soon so what do I do to stop it from doin that. Where do I disconnect the sensor or whatever from
The "sensors" (switches) are located in the stock perch (see the two cables leading up to the perch (one for clutch and one for P. Brake). You remove the clutch switch and disconnect it from the harness under the hood (wrap up the plug in some electric tape) Then for the parking break you connect the two leads for the switch.
I think it's the other way around, but I'm not sure. Anyway all you have to do is simply unplug one and use the male/female connectors on the other to complete the circuit. The one I had to reconnect was the parking brake sensor, since it wouldn't let the throttle be pushed in without that rev limit activating. As for starting in gear, it let me with the wire disconnected, even without the clutch pulled, almost took out my garage wall! :eek: