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Jun 3, 2005
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Hey guys. I am just about to start to paint my frame and other components, was wondering if there are any tricks or tips y'all can pass from experience? I'm cheap and poor so I am doing it myself and using spray paint from Home ;D
paint it as if u would with a car, sand it down real good get all the rust off, put a couple coats of primer on it, then a few of the color and then some clear, i've seen a lot of shitty paint jobs on frame from not prepping it right or priming it and not using clear
if you are doing a red paint do ATLEAST one coat of WHITE before hand, or even if your doing blue, it will make the paint soo much more viberant and it looks alot better, also if you can, get self etching primer, thats the only way to go to get the best looking colors , good primer, white base coat, then the regular color, unless you use black of course, no base needed lol
Thats some good stuff!! It is currently red and what I was gonna do was sand it down some to rough it up and then paint it red again. Is that a bad idea?
Ok cool. Thanks! I was planning on painting the swingarm and A-arms flat black, surely if I add a few coats of clear they will be glossy. Is it better to apply clearcoat or apply more coats of paint?
Definetly use a primer, get a white primer for metal. Then just spray like 3-4 coats of color and like 2 coats of clear, it will look great.
Hey guys! I have painted everything many coats now and ready to apply clear coat. Well I tested the clear coat on a couple of spots on the frame and the **** turned the glossy red completely flat?? What's up with that? I used the same brand paint and clear coat! Looks like I'm stuck with a flat red frame dammit if I wanna apply clear coat. Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
They do make flat clear coats, thats proebely what you bought, i did it once too. You have to make sure its gloss finish clearcoat. Truthfully if you are gonna paint something such as a frame, you should just go buy good paint (PJ1) and do it right the first time. But you can make it work with the cheaper paints, go buy gloss clear, if you spray it over the places with the flat clear it should make them glossy too, might look a little wieird though.
Ya I do have clear gloss, but some friends just told me today that you have to rough up the glossy paint then clear coat it!! **** it woulda been cheaper to get it done at an autobody shop:(