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Oct 22, 2005
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I want to paint my stock wheels black what kind of paint do I need and is it hard?

Thanks a lot
The only thing that is going to stay looking good is to get the wheels powdercoated, the paint will chip and peel off all along the edge of the rim, at least from what i've seen on other people's bikes.
their aluminum, get them anodized, then shoot some clearcoat on to shine them up and make them easy to clean.
anodizing probably costs the same and makes a way better finish than powdercoating on aluminum
get them pc'd in 2 coats

or with rattlecan youll end up looking like reggie
with rattlecan youll end up looking like reggie
a perfect example
Im not familiar with the aluminium but, I painted my trikes wheel many times and I found out that the best paint for chip/rust resistance is engine paint. I bought mine at Canadian Tire (autozone for USA). Its a high temperature paint and has NEVER chipped or rusted with many years of beating.