Ordered My Elka's Today

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Mar 7, 2005
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South Jersey
Ordered my Elka's today and dam were they expensive. It was $1720 for the front and rear shipped. I got the race series, remote rezzies, dual rate, compression and preload adj. up front and race series, remote rezzie, dual rate, compression, rebound, and preload adj. in the rear. Hopefully I will get a pic of the DG race pegs up soon. Just got to take a pic.
yeah ordered mine two weeks ago. its worth the wait i got the remote rez. quad rate elite series. i didnt order the rear stock works just fine.
I was going to get just the front but said screw it got the whole set. I was bottoming out after 2 laps this weekend at the track. How much were the elite didn't ask about them? I think i'll be fine with the racing series though.
they came with the front end i bought for around 2400. they are fully adjustable in hight and low speed high speed adjustments also.

here are some pics but without remote rez. steereing stem or brakelines.