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Jun 3, 2005
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I just bought a used warrior which has no chain rollers or runners. They are about $50 new, do I really need them?
Also, it has Works shocks up front, they have valves, do I just pumkp em up with air? I know I'm a doofus, please help:)Thanks
take youre shocks to youre local honda/yamaha dealer and have them fill them up with nitrogen, because just plain old air expands with heat, nitrogen doesnt so bad. Also, the only thing i have on my warrior as for chain guides is the plastic one on the swingarm, the one thats on the end of the swingarm where the swingarm bolt goes thru, it spins on the swingarm when the chain hits it, thats it, and also it has the slider by the back sprocket. No rollers, and btw i have a RK gold chain and renthal ultralite sprockets, if that tells u anything :-X.(i have had mine this way for over a year, so no rollers will NOT hurt it, i would want guides tho.