New Tires for the Quad!!

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May 10, 2005
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middle of ****** no where



;D 32" tires for my truck.Just got them today next thing on my list is a lift kit so I can fit the tires in there.
Hahaha that truck is way older than u yamarap350.

Death, that truck could have some potential, esp. if only $50 invest.
Old school the biatch. jacked up rear , lowered front, bottle exhaust, dual pipes, cammed, stroked ,p&p, holley double, ar,ar,ar....
I'm a chevy man but gotta love that old ****.
As of now I ordered a 2" suspension lift just to fit the tires cherry bomb exhaust. I dont plan on doing anything extreme after that its basically just something to get me to the races and back. I plan on getting a 4x4 and do the works on that eventually suspension,motor work,big ass tires etc....

Edit:This truck already has true duals on it.
Just massage the motor and you will smile.Don't have to be crazy.Bolt on-High rise Aluminium Intake(Edlbrock), stock 4 barrel carb. With exahaust you will notice
pwr. gain and good sounds.

Classic. ;)
i love project cars and **** man u could hook that motor up sick what is it 351 cleveland or 289 headers u got the carb edlebrock intake accel distrib,wires those 32s half ass paint job and utr set. I dont no what the gearing is but ur gonna notice it being a lill sluggish and shitty as hell on gas if its auto i had 31s on my 97 sierra its looks way better than stock and handles corners at high speeds better