Nerf Bars?

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iv thought about that to... getting hung up on things ont he trails i mean, one of my friends has nerfs an he never rides with us on the harder trails, he says he doesnt want to hang an rip his nets lol dunno if thats just an excuse or what tho, hes a cry baby... flies off the handle when he gets mud on his quad.. ::) its a quad not a show car geeze... but im sure there r alot of ppl like that eh? :p
many race tracks require nerf bars because an opponent's front tire can get lodged in between your front and rear tire, and trust me you don't want to know what's next. nerf bars also add extra support on hard landings after big jumps. Plus... they look cool!
They also are pretty nice for trail riding one time I slid off the trail because I was flying through a turn and it was a combination of to much air pressure in my tires and the fact that they were bald.I slide right off the trail and my nerf bar saved my foot from getting destroyed by a HUGE ass rock funny thing was it was the perfect size it fit right in between my tires and would have hit the peg and my foot head on.
I trail very fast and I love my nerfs. They provide an extra place to shove me feet while cruising and protect you from sticks & other crap coming up and hitting/stabbing you. They also look great I wouldn't want a quad with out them.
I have a problem with wanting to put my feet down when my quad tips to one side,with the nerfs on it I can't .They save me from running my leg over.I also ride trails and have never had any problems with getting hung on anything.
dirtbikes dont have nerd, er i mean... nerf bars... ;D
it's stupid NOT to get them.. if u have a stock width rear end you'd love AC Racing nerfs on the trails.. Since i have raptor shocks my front tires are pulled in slightly and it's harder for me to judge where my ass end is at time. well with the nerfs( i can sldie against trees, judge trail width( and if i'll make it) just by looking at the side of my nerfs. Also when i'm crusin back to the truck or just feelin lazy i can always stretch my legs out.. I honestly don't think i'll ever own a quad again without nerf bars. Best investment EVER. But if u get nerf bars and plan on donig ALOT of trail riding make sure they are angled and not square.. that way you don't catch a tree and rip the nerf bars off..