Need a good swing arm skid

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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
I went ridin today with my girl friend on the back and after the 200th bolder hit at full speed i dented my skid into my chain. The chain was ok but the skid is whooped, so now im lookin for a new one in the 50 dolla range anybody got any info?
Well the closest one to 50 bucks i have found is the Dg baja, but by the sounds of it you need something better. I would look into a Pro armor. something that is.250 thick or at least .190
YES...the one i got is the cheapest i know of and deff nice....made by shark racing ... i cant seem to find it but maybe youll have better luck....bluetraxx also did a review on it...but anyways its a verry nice procuct and only 45 bucks!