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May 13, 2005
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Last night me and 4 other guys went out riding here where I live on a farm of about 30 miles. It was a lot of fun until I went down this huge hill, since it was dark I could not really see where I was going but once I started to go down reverse was not an option so I had to go down all the way.

Anyway I turned around and got my lights on the hill then saw how rutted out it was and the hill was about 75 feet at a decent incline. I tired a couple of times in 1st gear and it was pointless...So I got a running start and hit 2nd then 3rd and got over half way up it..I caught a rut and it threw me side ways. Briers are on both sides so now I am stuck..

I had to get pulled out and in the process I was doing a "super man" on my seat fell off the left side still holding the gas caught in between my left rear tire and plastics yelling go go go go...My body then fell off the bike completely but I am still gunning it and getting briers down my whole left side still yelling go go go :)...I didnt care I just had to get out of here.

Once on the top my buddy couldn't here me and kept going I was so wore out I could barely yell stop finally he did. Thank god for the clutch b/c a cliff was not to far from there.

Anyway I got some nice road rash on my right side from the tire, and scratches from briers down my whole left side. It was fun, at one point I thought I wasn't getting out period...I'm really feeling it today.

Once you go down you have no other choice but to go back up it, and only 2 of us tried it..I was very pleased with my warrior since I had not really ever tried anything like this before. I actually got more brave afterwards and started pulling some wheelies which I could not do before.

Sorry for such the long post, just had to get this out of my system. It was the best ride I have been on. And although I did not make it up the hill I gained a ton of confedience..Had it been day light I probably never would have tried it once I saw it..
o man sounds like a hell of a ride man lucky u didnt ride it off any clifs or anything!! :eek:
ya, good thing ur ok, i took a little spill myself lol
Speaking of cliffs....I just got back from a buddies house and he said it was a good thing I didn't go right at all up the hill b/c it is a drop off :)...What sucks the must is I had my digital camera and 2 disposible cameras I was going to take and forgot them all. I guess I'll have to take my cameras and try it again :)
Just had a near accident with my buddy last weekend at atlanta. I got to an end of a trail that leads out to a gas station while my friend was on a z400 following me by a good distance to avoid dust, and I did a uturn to go back and find sort of a playground without him knowing. I started to head back into the first good turn that is kinda banked and split leveled between the outside and inside of the turn. My friend tried to cheat and go on the inside of the turn even though it was a left and no visibility, and was also nearly topped out in fourth gear. I was also going strong in fifth until I see him flying directly at me head on. We both tried to steer clear and grazed each other, only he hit the sorta berm that was between the two levels and ended up rolling his z twice or more and took out a thick posted yellow arrow sign on the orv route. I nearly rolled it but gained control again, barely balancing it all the way on two wheels and dropping back down. He didn't get injured fortunately, but when I went back he didn't even know it was me that flew past him, he just thought it was "some asshole came flying at me", pretty funny, I told him a couple minutes later. ;D I helped him 'blacksmith' the pretzeled tie rod from the incident later so he could still ride, that was the only damage to his quad.
There is a hill at Locust Stake, my local ORV trails, that has a huge dirtbike rut up it. I have turned over twice going up that hill. I'll hit it hard, but am not wide enough to straddle the rut if it is slightly wet, and always slide into it with one side or the other. I hit it running to try to slide on up since I'll bottom out as soon as I slide into the rut. Someone put a rock in the rut and when I hit it, the front tire jerked to the right and the raptor started up the bank on the right and onto my left side I went. Thank goodness for nerf bars. That hill is why I'm going to buy 22/11/9 tires ASAP. A friend of mine has them on his Warrior and has no problem staying out of the rut. I'm sick of hearing dirtbikers complain about quads causing two ruts and it making it harder for bikes. That is bull ****. I used to ride a bike. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining! They have two ruts to choose from. When there is only one rut and it is sixteen inches deep, and water is funneled in so that the trail is just a big funnel, it is tough on a stock Raptor 350. That is what makes it so much fun though! Ya'll be safe!
Should of seen what I did to the snake like hill climb at bull gap with the sand paddles on, bikes couldn't even make it up there I dug it out so much! ;D ;D ;D