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Oct 25, 2005
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Hey i have a 2005 raptor 350 SE with a White Brotheres MX-4 pipe, K&N filter, dyno jet kit. My friend just bought a 400EX with a DMC Alien pipe and its jetted. How do u think these two quads will compare??
He will have the top end but you should be able to spank him on the bottom or stay damn near equal tell the last gear.
yea u will stay close till 5th gear and then its not a race... i know from expirence
What else can i do to get just a little more **** out of my rappy. I dont have a lot of money to spend on a big bore kit or anything, any other little mods that will help me get closer to winning that race??
if you can afford it get a pipe. and prodesigns clamp on kit and of course jet kit but there your looking at about $400
higher lift cam... cheaper than a big bore, still not real cheap, but it makes a nice difference
Ok thanx, and i already got a pipe, where can i find a good cam, and what do you guys reccomend i go with?
what about a 02` warrior w/ W/B E-series, Dial-A-Jet, pro flo intake and a crank case filter

would i beat a piped 400 ex
I have a buddy with an 05 400ex. His is stock, mine has a pipe, jetted, airbox opened up, and dropped a tooth on the front sprocket. We've both been riding well over ten years, so it's not like either of us suck. I can walk away from him in the woods on any given day, and he can do the same to me. I'd say they're pretty evenly matched. He does have a few more mph up top, but as tight as the trails are around here, you're never in sixth gear opened up anyways. If you can ride, I really don't think a 400ex is that much of a challenge. If you're not that good of a rider, a decent rider on the 400 will kill you.