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Feb 27, 2005
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Toledo, OH
Well...the retards who ported and polished my warrior I guess...according to my mechanic...said that when they put the head back on they forgot to put a dowel pin or somethin in causing the head to shift a little bit. When this happened the piston was rubbing up against the head gasket causing it to blow. When the guys ported...they said everything looked great. NOW I guess the piston and cylinder are scored so I need a new piston and it needs bored. My mechanic said it probably ran low on oil causing the scoring. I checked my oil everyday and it was fine. Could the blown headgasket of caused this. I didnt run it at all with a blown head gasket. Could there have been a slow leak and than it blew all the way. Anyways... I have the stroker kit and everything...what piston should I get. It had a je 10.75 to 1 in it before. How big should I go 10 or 20 over. Wiseco or JE :'(
If I dont get anything out of these guys who did my p& might not see e for awhile. ;) I might have to spend some time in the slammer. LOL
yeah they put it together...well if you wanna call that putting it together. I guess his 40 years of experience on porting and polishing payed off. Well at least for port and polish work but not reasembling. What a moron. He was probably drunk off jis butt when he put it back together... So what piston should I go woth and what bore size
i dont know much about the bore size or anything, and ive only had a quad for almost a year, but cars on the other hand.... well just for the reputation with cars i would go with the JE, i mean if somthing has the rep in cars wich is alot more power, you know damn well its gonna be nice in a lil 350 cc engine. but bore size from what i hear doesnt really add alot of power, unles you bore the case and get a bigger sleeve. but i would probably go with the 10 cuz if any crap ever happens again you got that cushion to fall back on just in case, plus you already will have a crap loada power with the crank and P&P anyway
Not that I knew of. But Im sure the only thing that could cause scarring on the piston is shortage of oil right
meaby a la-sleeve 386cc kit?
i read there was a 410cc kit, but i don't remember where