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Feb 27, 2005
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Great more snow in mass. I really dont think its ever gonna warm up. Its goin on March and were still gettin storms as often as in January. This sucks snow ridin is fun for a while then it gets sooo boring, i want speed!!I wanna ride the trails again haha o well snow sucks just thought id let u gfuys know :mad:
Yeeeeah but I love snow riding on the road cops cant catch you for ****!! But I do want spring & summer to come just not with the temperatures! :eek:
thats the best thing about it no school!! Its also alot of fun rippin down the road at night everywhere like one time i drove about 5 miles down the snowy road it was sick cause i passed like a bunch of snowmobiles goin the opposite way.
yeah 10 inches hear to
Im ready for some street riding in the snow, all i need to hear is 3 magic words

And im off, last time i actaully was at a red light and a cop pulled up behind me, we both waited for the light to turn green and he waved and turned the other way.TEXT
Up here its still illegal in my county so we get like 4 cops chasing us every snow storm. Car vs quad in snow = a real fun time.
Yeah one of the only good things about NJ, we get some snow, they claim state of emergency, and you can drive a tank on the road and they can't say anything :p
holly ****!!!! this mornin when i woke up(no school) i went out to go for a ride, and theres 14 freakin inches of snow!!!! that with the other 2-3 inshes we had before, its still coming down. i just got in from 45 minutes of gettin the rappy shoveled out, damn thats alot of snow.
yeah on the trails there is at least a foot and u gotta love the snow day!! Hope it melts fast tho
you would not believe the freakin time i had today! i was haulin ass down the driveway, then tried to blast throught this huge 3 foot tall pile of snow, i got halfway through, and i stopped. i looked behind me, and this big freakin wall of snow collapses(from a huge pile next to me), and i am surronded by snow. i get out, and i spent 45 minutes tryin to shovel it out, it was such a bitch!
Lol, that sucks, i was gonna go riding and the dicks plowed all the snow by the entrance to the trails, its like a 8 foot high wall of snow. ???

Im plainng on driving my truck over it a few times to try to level it and go riding tommorrow, see what happens.