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Jun 12, 2005
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Garden City, Mo
What should I get for more power on my rappy. I already got a hmf pipe and pro desighn k&n filter. what should i get for more power. I dont want to buy anything over 300 bucks..any suggestions
look for a big bore kit for under 300 :-/, i dont know how much they run for, other then that all i can think of is maybe bigger front sprocket, thats hjelps in top end alot, that and maybe a cdi box.
jet kit???.. but any ways if you want more power for under 300 you could get a fmf powerbomb header, or . i bigger piston wisco piston kit, diffrent cams but if you go with stuff like that then a oil cooler would be a must have for keep that bitch cool
Cam and piston would be what i would buy, I have a cam and piston in mine and ive had no need for an oil cooler yet. Just as long as you dont go to extreme, a JE 10.75:1 piston would cost about 150 and a cam after core charge about 150. So for 300 you could get both, or just a cam or something.
Depends on what you want really but webcams seems to have good prices. theres link for all kinds of stuff in the link section of the forumn so if you need sites go there.