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Jun 12, 2005
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Garden City, Mo
Mods To Buy For My Coming Raptor 350

-DMC Alien Full Exhaust System

-Uni Air Filter

-Jet Kit

-AC Racing Nerfs

-Dont know what tires to buy for the trails, but was thinking about Holeshot HD'S

What Do You Think?

And coud u give me some suggestions on what tires to buy for the trails
hmf is a great pipe but i love my big gun in the trails man it give awsome throttle response and reall god mid range power which is really good for trails ;D
the DMC alien gave me some much more tourqe, so i will think about it, its between dmc and hmf...i will think about it
If there is a lot more loose sand layers on your trails go for I razors or something with a 'V' pattern like the cheng shins or the kenda klaws, they'll have much more bite.