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Jun 3, 2005
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Hey all, looking at some rear Kendra Bear Claws, thinking 22" for a little extra clearance! Will this help at all? I have 20" holeshots on now but are about done on the treads. How bout the width of the tire? Is wider much better? Also how bout a good front tire, I was thinking of 23" front razr's or something if I go with the 22" in behind? Thanks
well if your lookin for serious ground clearence that would be a good setup but u will sacrafice handeling. a 20in rear and 22in front would work great... get the holeshot h-d's or razr 2's there great tires. not shure what the advantages of havn a wider tire are tho mabye to be able to get out of ruts eisier or mud eiser cause they cover more area dunno about that one tho