Kenda Knarlys or razrs??

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Mar 14, 2005
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Monroe City Mo
Ive been looking into new rear tires and have been considering the knarlys quite a bit, there 43 from rmatv,the razrs are 41. which would give better traction on pasture grass & in muddy, wet conditions. Also which would last longer?? thanks
id think the razrs would give better traction in the wet stuff... but in grass and stuff id say klaws for all around better
id say knarly's. besides it seems as tho evryone has razors. At first glance the knarlys look beter to me, there treads are farther apart, better for mud :)
Razors are a excellent all round tire while the knarly tires are more directed towards desert conditions with a lot of rocky terrain. If you go through mud quite a bit go for the razor2, the extra depth in lugs will get you through much easier. If you ride on grass almost all the time the razor2 might have too much bite to get the rear end to slide though, so the standard razors would be better.
I personally think the klaws are a better tire. I would buy the klaws but thats just me, ive had mine for 1 1/2 years and they at least have 3/4 life left in them. Great traction in everything too.