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Feb 27, 2005
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wats up guys. i am thinking of selling my raptor 350 but i have no idea how much i can ask for it. i was wondering if anyone from the site could help. thanks heres what it has

pro-flow filter(running it without lid), hmf slip on, dynojet jet kit, msr handlebars with new grips, fenders shaved, 14tooth front sprocket, ac nerf bars, and kenda klaw mxr rear tires

Well its fairly new right? I dont know much about prices on 350s but id say about 500-700$ less than a new one?
3500 maybe i little more, its hard to get money for mods, actually you would be better off going back to stock and parting the aftermarkets.
im looking for more power and more of a track bike. something like a yfz