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Mar 9, 2005
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Frederick, Maryland
I have an 05 Raptor 350. Most of the links speak of jetting a warrior. Since the Carbs are of different size I would like to know what size jets people have put in there Raptor 350's. I have a FMF Titanium 4 slip-on and a UNI air filter. I ordered the DynoJet kit for the Raptor but on there website I read a pdf that mention 128 mains and that seems small or does dynojet have different numbering?
I will most likely keep the lid on. I am concerned about water and mud where I ride. I am in Maryland west virginia area so the elevation is under 1000 ft. Temp now is cold but I will be riding mostly in 60 and up..
i was scared of the water untill veloci and death talked me out of it, just gat a outerwear and rip the lid off open that bitch up ;D
Uni's really don't need an outerwear, they are a dual stage filter so you can run it no lid, just make sure its oil correctly, and when you take your lid off make sure you take the drain plug off the airbox, so if any water does splash in there, it flows right out instead of getting trapped in the box.
I see alot of people run with the lid off.. but is this a good idea if you are running in the Sand?
as long as you are running a K&N, they keep sand out better then foam. A k&n with a outerwear is the only thing i would ever run in sand.
yep i ride in sandy stuff and i use the k&n with outerwear and it really works great