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Oct 19, 2005
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im looking at getting the yoshi exhaust as most of you know and was looking at ebay should i get the YAMAHA ATV RAPTOR 350 DYNOJET JET KIT STAGE 1 for 45 dollars or get something else if i plan on changing the cams out next?

Thanks, yall have been much help.
I have a Yoshi full exhaust system, K&N air filter with and open air box, and the Dynojet stage 1, you pretty much need to re-jet after installing a new pipe and/or intake

I'm running the open box/K&N/Yoshi combo with the needle on the 3rd groove and a 136 main jet, but I think I'm a little lean so I might bump up to a 138 main. You just gotta play with it and read the plug, you want a light tan colour, if you are white its too lean, black or dark brown its too rich. And yeah, $45 for the Dynojet kit is a good deal