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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
Well i was out ridin with my friend one his dirtbike and we were sittin at the bottom of a hill and these four kids come down and started doin donuts and just acting like retards and ask my friend if he wants to race them. He was like no so they started actin like assholes and then took off. About 10minutes later we were just sittin there and we were off to the side cause i know people hit the hill like a jump, two of the kids that acted like assholes knew we were down there hit the hill......when i looked up i had a z400 and a banshee flying at me. the z hit my warrior threw me in the air and then the banshee hit me smashing me inbetween the z's axle and the banshees bumper. When i looked down my shin was right out of my leg and i had really deep gashes in the rest of my leg. The kid on the z was standin there swearing at me callin me an idiot and a asshole and then him and his buddy took off and left me to die. luckily i had a cell phone my friend used to call 911. I held my leg tightly to stop the bleeding and then the paramedics got there. I got flown to the hospital in a helicopter and got emergency surgery and now have a titainium rod in my leg. My mom was in the downstairs part of the hospital and saw the kids that hit me and they were saying and i quote " i dont ****** care if he has a broken or he dies, now i gotta fix my quad." The kids that did this to me got tickets, and i was also given the same tickets. Now im out of work and school and cant even pay for my car insurance. The warrior needs a new bumper because its smooshed flat but is ok other then that and i cant even buy the pipe i wanted because i need to pay off my tickets. But now i dont know what to do, I have nothing and cant even walk untill december. Everything has been takin from me.
o man that sucks man hope u can still get that pipe soon man those guys are such dicks to they left u there... wow... what **** ups u coulda died glad u got out of there alive man :mad:
Thanks guys ill try and get some pics. Im healing really quickly so hopefully i can be out ridin again. By the way anyone got a spare bumper? :)
i have a raptor 350 bumper i'd gladly give to you for free, but idont think it'll fit a warrior. That really sucks. If i were you, id heal up quickly, beat the living **** out of the kids, take their money, and pay off the ticket, buy a bumper and a pipe! Sorry bro, thats gotta suck
Do you know those kids? or at least do you know where to find 'em?.. i swear man, if i lived near by i would help you hunt down those mtf'rs and beat the crap out of 'em..Get better.
Well i fineally got down into my backyard on my crutches and my right front frame is snaped, bumper is crushed, and my right a-arms are bent. Im seriously fucked i have no way to fix it and no money to pay off tickets and those fuckers are talkin **** about me to everyone and yes i know their names but not where they live.
Ebay would be your best bet, get the frame welded, and put a cheap stock bumper from ebay on it untill you can get better. Good luck man.
when your leg heels, find thoes fuckers and break there legs...see how they like it.
Well i guess my dad know someone who can weld the frame, but as for the bumper and a-arms all the ones on ebay are off a 1987 warrior and look like ****. I guess ill see what they cost from the local dealer. Thanks guys and id love to break their legs.
Shitty deal bro. Send them up to me and I'll find out how long they can survive ,bleeding in the North Canadian Bush.... :) :) :0 :) :0
If you lived closer I'd weld you up a custom bumper.
Thanks again guys for shedding some humor on this rather harsh topic, ill be back in action in hopefully a few months,