Im buyin mods!

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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
Im goin to get a pro circut t-4 system, kandn filter pre filter and filter lid, razr2 rears 22-11-9, long horn big bars and tusk big bar clamp. Anyone know where i can get razr2's cheaper then 79.99?
Make SURE you buy the Pro Design clamp on K&N kit w/ pre-filter; just the K&N filter that slides in like stock is a waste of money and a danger to your motor!! May I ask why you are going Razr2s @ 22x11? Can't wait to hear about all your **** when you get it man!

Mmmmm T4....

yea man u should get a 20 inch tire i wish i got a 20 inch tire but i can get through just about anything with mine
I would strongly agree, get the 20" tires, much better. You shouldn't have any problems with ground clearance, even through ruts. Just get a .25" thick swingarm guard to compliment them for rocks and such.
Im gettin 22's because of all the mud and rocks in the area.

man i ride in mud and rocky areas and only in the deeper ruts do i get SOME drag.. but my UM Racing skid just slides over the snot and bangs the rocks occaisonally