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Aug 20, 2005
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I bought the fiberglass to repack my exhaust. I need to drill out the rivets. If I do this........I know nothing about rivets. Any help would be great. What special tool do I need. Should I just put it back together without the fiberglass. Let me know......Thanks :-/
Yes rivets get drilled out and yes you need to replace them. The tool you need is called a rivet gun and they are VERY cheap. You can get a nice rivet gun at lowes/home depot for 20$ or a decent one that works just as well at Walmart for 7$. You buy the rivets and washers seperate. You put the rivet in the gun and through the hole and the washer on the other side. You then squeeze the riveter it pulls the metal tight together and breaks off the end of the rivet leaving the hole "riveted".