hurricanes suck!

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Apr 28, 2005
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flippin hurricane wilma knocked a tree over in my backyard, just so happens that tree toppled over a bunch of power lines, fp&l came up with somehting about we wpnt have power till nov.22! this sucks! lol. but hey, i get alot of riding time now :-/ ::)
So where are you staying at until then? I assume your not at home since your online right now..
im at one of my cousins house for dinner, after that i go home and sweat all day. im trying to see if they let me stay the night here. :-/ i wasted all the gas on the warrior already, the rest is for the gen. all we can power with it is the fridge. :'(
thanks, tomorrow me and my dad are going to cut the ****** tree so fp&l can go straight to work, but they wont coem for ALONG time because our circuit thingy only powers 12 houses.............. :'(
jesus...hey as long as the warriors ok? lol.
lol mines is fine, my dads now has to flats , both tires on the clutch side where punctured by something, so i shipond*however you spell it* hosed his gas into mines. ;D
Dude thats a good solid Kick in the dink right there. During the Ice Storm up here we lost power for 2 weeks and i thought that was bad.. I couldent imagine going with out power for that long... Good luck to you man and just hop on that warrior and ride till you cant ride no more
i got 3 trees down and my carport got demoished but i jus got power back yeserday hope you get yours back soon
thanks for the concerns guys, our SHIPOND ::) hose is now our ,ost valuable tool lol, the tree in the back is cut now so all fpl has to do is re-wire the cables, but the funy n thing is when we called to let them know that the tree is gone, they tried to argue with us that we already had power! it was the stupidest arguement of my dads life lol. glad to hear you did good 350 rappy, how hard did your area get hit?
we dint get hit really bad but alota pool cages gone and sum trees down not horribal when charly hit we where in a disaster zone