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The sites coming along, now that you got rid of bragging rights its even better, less confusion. Good job mods!
Actually, someone good with PS should make a killer banner, the one we have now is sweet but it has nothing to do with quads.
The sites coming along, now that you got rid of bragging rights its even better, less confusion. Good job mods!

Well if people weren’t complete dumb asses and could read a description we could have two nice and organized sections. One for going into and just viewing mods and things they have done to their bike and one for all the other stuff. It amazes me frankly how blunt and direct you have to be with some people before they understand **** :mad:! It's not that hard; THIS GOES HERE & THIS GOES HERE -_-...

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Why take up the space is my reason? Theres no point in it AT ALL. It's less confusing and **** i can read fine. Why have a "bragging rights" section if its not needed. Brag when you post pics of your quad in the Media section. It makes so much more sence...
I stated why - because one section just full of general images and mods will get very garbled all the time. It is not confusing at all and is very well organized. The "space" it takes up is 100% crap; I dont know if you meant space on the server or space on the board bro but still. I think it was a good idea to have a section just for mods so everyone can go in and look at just that - mods of peoples bikes on the forum. Not having to sort through little Johnny’s riding pictures and other misc crap just to look for pictures of modded bikes. VelociRaptor also shares this same opinion but we like to do things the democratic way and ask the users. If you get lippy with me again you will find yourself on the ban list with a cock smack on your forehead faster then you can say great googley moogley. J/k about the last part ;) but seriously that was the ideology behind it all - organization.
Hey, we should start a section where everyone can post pics of the sh*tty parts they trashed in accidents, ect. I have a heap of trashed oem parts in my garage mounted on the wall (except the frames) sorta as a souvenir collection of all accidents/mishaps I call the "Wall of Shame." Always interesting to see what people have done to their stock sh*t before replacing it, or what they did to more expensive aftermarket parts.
good idea, i like it, ill start a sticky in the battle scars section about trashed stock parts, i got a box full of oem ****, some trashed, some not so trashed.
F*ck the prissy missy bitches! Post that ****! I got a heap of crap that's alllllllll trashed! I started riding with some pretty well experienced riders that are very competitive, oem parts didn't last very long at all! ;D
There is a tree in Croom where we ride here in FL that is called the parts tree and it's all the oem **** people have broken while ridng there.I'll get a pic next time I go riding.The site is doing fine but the members need to participate more.There seem like only a few that post out of 197 members.