How to make my 98 warrior faster

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Apr 28, 2013
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Ottawa, On
Hi i have a 98 warrior with theses paets
-performance cdi box
-k&n air filter
-fmf slip on
-rk racing chain

And i wanted to know ho to make my atv faster with cheap parts..thanks
Is it a trail bike? If not, lighten it up. Remove front brakes, cut fenders, remove lights, etc
Well i ride for trails i just want i to go as fast as a 400ex ill cut the fenders and yea does taking off the front brakes help alot
I just got this account so i dont really know where to go but yea rappy ill take the lights off and fenders i allready cut the front ones a little so ill finish cytting them thanks :)
Wtf, don't cut your fenders or remove your brakes. Removing the lights will not make you faster.
Depends what you mean by "faster". Quicker acceleration or more top speed. If it's the latter, just re-gear.
Ok thanks and for top speed and accelaration how.many teeths should i have on my front and rear sprockets
So, you lookin for more top speed or acceleration? If the trails are tight, you could drop a front or gain 2 rear. If the trails are wide open, you could gain a front tooth or lose a couple rear. Just go one up or down in the front, or like 2 up or down in the rear. It makes a big difference.
If you want more power, you're probably looking at a cam and jets.