How many Discs?¿?

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Apr 13, 2005
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I have a White Bros E-Series and i have like 30 discs on it(lol) and i went to go take a couple off, and when i put the bolts back in, they were too long. Do i have to get different size bolts? Cause i dont like it with thst much discs. Thanks.
I thought it would be louder with less discs.

More discs=quieter

less discs=louder

???????not too sure????????
With the white brothers the more discs the more it opens up the exhaust. The more that are on there the more top end you'll have. Just go to a hardware store that carries quite a bit of machine screws/bolts and find some bolts that'll work, you'll probably pay more for the bolts from wb + shipping. If you really want to take some discs off and can't find an equivelant just cut em' and grind a chamfer on the bolt, works every time!