Horse power stats for pipes

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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
Does anyone have a list of how much horsepower each pipe or full system puts out? It would be nice to know what you paying for, you know what i mean?
HMF has dyno pulls on the webiste for what they make, i know fmf does as well, but they say something like 32 hp stock for a rappy 350, so i wouldn't trust anything they say.
Most pipes full system or not are a gain anywhere between 2 and 4 hp at the most. With jets and intake work you can get a nice little boost in power.

I pulled that off hmf's site.

Thats mine ;)
All those results really arent worth a ******* crap you are wasting your time man. EVERY bike is dif and you will never ever get the same results as someone else unless everything is identical.
Same thing bro two stock motors are never identical and can produce different HP numbers - air temp, jetting, air flow, quality of fuel, oil, & a million other things effect HP results as well. Your best bet is to go buy quality of the pipe, reputation, and the assumption of 2-4 HP (depending on the pipe) as DSW said above.