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Hahaha ok ok I jumped the gun on that one and got excited but I would get the following:

1. Rear tires - $160.00
2. Pro Design Intake kit - $110.00
3. FMF Powerbomb header $180.00
4. A slip-on pipe - Circuit T4, Yoshi, or HMF $240 - $300.00
5. A high comp. piston - $150 - $240.00
6. An Edelbrock Qwiksilver carburetor - $370.00
7. A .430, .440, .450 Cam, & valve springs - $235.00
dude i so wish i had that much money to just dick around with...but this is what i'd get:
the alba 450 lift cam and piston kit (.450 lift cam, ti valve spring kit, je high comp piston, all gaskets and seals required)...$430
duncan fat boy 4 exhaust...$400
definatly back tires
pro design kit

and one other thing that death didnt should get your rockerarms hardfaced when u put a big cam in...thats around 100

you can make that work if u dont get the new tires on rims but prices vary
also im getting a proflow airfilter kit with a k&n
what do i need to do with my airbox??
cut holes??
good choice thats what im getting...tistheman5 has this kit, once he's done ask him how he likes it

And for the filter kit, take off the airbox lid
i saw some where that a guy just drilled out about 6 holes, does this work??
(The holes were like the size of a quater) ???