help me the **** out!!

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Jun 16, 2005
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hey guys. i left my warrior on for about 10 minutes with the lights on because my friend flipped and hurt himself. i ran over and helped him and when i went back the thing was dead. We tried jumping it but just couldnt get it. i recharged it and put a new fuse in it but its just not giving any juice.

Today i bought a totally new battery and took the wires apart, wiped the crap o utta them, and put em back but nothings going thru. What do you guys think?

thanks ant
What about the ignition coil or CDI box. Are you getting any spark at all??
The motor will spark without a battery, the hard part is trying to find a way to turn the thing over fast enough. Try having somone push you around with the plug out, it should be really easy to push, check for spark. If there is no spark its prolly a coil or stator, but if you have no power anywhere at all then the only thing i can think of is the fuse???
yea i should try that. we put a brand new fuse in so its really messin with me