Gripper seat cover for Raptor 350

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Feb 27, 2005
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Pinellas Park, FL
Rockymountain has the gripper seat covers by Ntrac in stock, they come in black and blue if anyone is intrested. I just ordered one in black.
Just wait till you get the gripper, it's much tackier than the stocker! While riding with the thor/msr pants on it used to twist my knees since my ass slid around, but now I stay where I sit.
AND WHAT A WHORE TO GET IT ON. Man, that sucks. I have to finish it up tommorrow when i go buy a diffrent staple gun, the one im usuing just dosn't want to work.
Yeah, it's a pain but well worth it. You just have to push on it reaaaaalllllly hard. You also have to remove staples and pull it tighter as you go quite a bit.