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Feb 27, 2005
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does anyone know any cool graphics for a raptor 350 i want to do some new graphics but like no one sells em for the 350 raptor??
haha yea they are i dont think i would get the whole set tho mabye just a half kit but i wanna see em on a quad to see what they look like
I supposed a presure washer is out of the question once these are applied??
well the stock grachics (lettering and such) stay on with a pressure washer, and these are bigger, spreading the pressure out more, so it probably wouldnt wash off ???
I got a GYT-R graphics kit on mine... the only downside to this kit so far is the seat cover, I rode it so much the stiching came out and now I have to put the stock seat cover back on. But if you want to have a look at my quad its in the gallery.
what about SKIN? They have cool graphix kit for warrior, dont know about raptor 350, but everytime i search for the website, porn pops up.which isnt but does anyone know the skin website?
n-style has good ones but i dont see any on the site for 350 raptor but found n style graphics in other places but there site... whats sup with that?? ::)