got my amsoil

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Feb 27, 2005
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I am just waiting for the oil filter and the pro design clamp on kit to come, cant wait :)
Yeah you'll notice a good gain for the clamp on, thats the best hp mod i have done so far. And good thing you listened to my advice and went with the amsoil, your motor will love you for it.
Why is everyone on Amsoils nuts? Is it really that good? I read an article from SportRider magazine that puts Maxima Maxum(semi-syn), and Maxima Maxum Ultra(Synthetic) above Honda HP4(semi-syn), Yamalube(semi-syn), Amsoil(syn), Bel-Ray EXS(syn), Castrol R4(syn), Mobil MX4T(syn), Motorex Power Syn(syn), Motul 300V Factory(syn), Silkolene Pro 4+(syn), & Torco T-45R(syn). Maxima Maxum Ultra boasts the highest antiwear additives per/PPM. Maxum Ultra(syn-4800ppm) & Maxum(semisyn-4900ppm) had the highest by a landslide. Next was: Motul 300V Factory(syn-3200ppm), Motorex(syn-3000ppm), and Belray T-45R/BelRay EXS(both syn-2700-2800ppm) Amsoil(syn) came in at about 2600ppm. I just go by what I read. I'm not too educated about Amsoil other than that it was rated #2 in automotive with Mobile1 in first place.
Because its made for quads and stuff like mobil 1 is not. Most car oils arent made for a wet clutch like the warriors, they work but they are designed for cars. I have never felt shifting so smooth with regualr oil, its the reason i didnt buy a direct link shifter, because with amsoil i dont need it. :)
I know mobile1 isn't designed for quads. It was just an example because it was compared on cars as well. It rated higher with cars then with quads. All others listed were designed specifically for quads, and it came in like 6 out of 12. I'll just have to give it a try.
yes i got the rest of it !!

yamaharaptor350 how do you like your sur trak tires, im thinkin about gettin a set so any input would be appriciated.
yeah man u cant beat them in the mud, they are good for all around trails tires, there a little bigger but they are really go good in just about everything. U can also flip them one way and there good for sand and the other for trails, and they have a wicked side tread for crawlin out of ditches and stuff. But the next tire i am gonna get is the H-D's cause i need more of a smaller sport tire. But id say get em, look at my pics and there is a good shot of them from the back of my quad.