good warrior cdi?

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Jun 16, 2005
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hey guys went through some whoops with the warrior and the cdi unscrewed abd smacked my swinger. The thing is shot, and it took a nice gash outta the side. I seem to be havin crap luck lately.

Anyone know of a good cdi that isnt that much but better than stock?
you can find some aftermarkets on ebay new for around $100 or get a used stock for as little as 25$ if your lucky.
If your gunna get a new one why not get a good one? Like if you get new tires.. you don't go out and buy more stock tires lol. I saw one CDI on there I'm 99% sure it was called the punisher and it was a better CDI than stock and it advanced the timing for about $100. Hope this helps
yes it does. i wrote the wrong thing in the post above sry. i meant to say better than stock do you have a link for that cd by any chance? thanks
Just copy and paste the whole link then get rid of the space in there, don't know why that showed up outta no where ???