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Mar 30, 2010
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ft.collins colorado
ams make a tire called swamp fox. Its a very good all around tire. they are more aggressive than they look in the pic. they come in stock sizes. I bought a whole set for 220 bucks. they also have swamp fox plus thats has twice the tread but thy only come in 25 and up..:D
I looked at the swamp fox. You will add extra weight, its almost 5 lbs per wheel. I opted with the Maxxis zillas because of that.
i've had the 23" swamp foxes for over a year and they've been awesome tires. I've used them in everything from the bottoms in TN to the dunes out in AZ and they are great all around performers. Not to mention a very reasonable price as well...
i agree. i put a post on here about the same tires. but everyone has to be negative. like they are 5 lbs heavier and so on. wish everyone could just be positive. i will never get any other tires unless they get the swamp fox plus in that size:)
I just checked out the tires on their website and they dont look all that aggresive
I have the Swamp Fox's on my 07 450 and I like them. They are a really good tire in my opinion. They are 6-ply which is great and if you are not thinking about changing wheels than I think that these are a no brainer. I have had them for about 250 miles and they look brand new and I have never had to put air in them. They look really good on there too.The ride will be much harsher than the stock tires but it is worth it. I might have too much air in mine anyway, I like to slide.