gonna wait for the 06 rappy 350

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Jun 12, 2005
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Garden City, Mo
I havent bought my rappy 350 yet, because i javent saved up enough money yet, but im getting close, so im gonna wait for the 06 rappy 350 to come out, and when i have enough money im gonna buy 1..what does everyone think of the 06 rappy 350...i think its sweet ;D
yea thats what i was thinkin...but as u know i dont have enough money yet for the 05, so im gonna keep savin and buy the 06
yea i was gonna buy that color until they came out with white and silver, and so what im gonna buy...what kind and color of nerf would good with the white and silver rappy350?
Yo Bros,

I was at my Yamaha dealer last week. I learned that there wasn't much difference between my 2004 and 2006... except for the color schemes. Glad I got the red/white...

My $0.02.

Lookin' forward to gettin my newly mounted Maxxis Razr 2's dirty this week. I'll post some pix of the new sneakers later.

More dirt to ya!