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$8? holy smokes batman!. I think I would be getting my bike out of the shed and park the car and quad if prices were that outragous here. Around here it's 2.65 and I still think that's outrageous. I sometimes sit and dream about the days when $20 filled my car's tank all the way from empty.
2.85 to 2.99 for regular here in NC........******* retarted
3.39 for high test and its gonna go up to over 4 or so ive heard. Dang its gonna cost me 10 bucks to go for a ride.
It sucks having to run high test in every vehicle we own. And that everything is a V8
whatr you smoking rap350, its 3.11 here now!
actually i went by the gas station today and it was like 2.89 or some **** it wasnt in the 3 dollar range bro but i think its the cheapest spot in town
its about 2.60 - 2.80 the prices go up on the weekends around my place becuase they know they can get more from all the travelers that pass through here. its outrageouse. i had it out with one of the pump guys about it. all he could find in his high school drop out vocabulary was we just had the tanker come in . and i asked a guy at the next petrol station about this and he said what truck we all get filled off the same truck we didnt get filled.
I live in Newfounland, Canada.

Gas went up 18.9 cents last night.

It's now $1.34 a litre.
$1.36 in ottawa today, and it goes up 10 cents a day thanks to hurricane katrina. just last friday it was $.98 a liter, and we thought that was getting rediculous. when i started driving back in 1999 gas was $.50 a liter
it like $3.20 a gallon here in Orange County, NY..basically the same place as doug...

went up like .40 cents in 2 days
Yeah we are finally at the 3 dollar mark here. It isn't going to go down anytime soon so this thread should be a few pages long :)