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Feb 27, 2005
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brighton, michigan
i just ordered some fox pants and jersey from rocky montain, ther the hart replica panther 2 pants, and the hanius corpus 02 jersey, in red, if i live in michigan how long do you think itll take to get here??
For me if it ships on monday I get it friday most of the time, I'm only a half hour from you so it should be the same for ups ground.
You should of got moose expedition or another form of waterproof gear, it just HAS to friggin' rain 360 days out of the year in michigan. I've got the thor ac suit for the heat, but only have used the thing two or three times out of the last two seasons so far. :mad: Go figure it matches my quad the best. :mad: :mad:
well i got them, put them on, and fell in love lol :-* well tomarrow (i think tomarrow) ill get some pics and a review, there so sweet lol ;D