Fmf any good

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Most of the numbers are the same, but the ? is where your powerband be from each. Some put your power more in the low end, some in the mids, and some in the high end.
Some really shitty pipes (cobra) do not give you a damn thing for gain and some other pipes as box said place the power in more ideal spots.
You can always add a different headpipe for each silencer, the p.b. header from fmf will give you a good boost in the top end and quite down the sound level at the same time. I would recommend their headpipe with a different silencer, worked great for me. The titanium 4 is probably the best silencer from them, that'll give you mids and top end power also.
Decent pipe, verrrrry loud. You can tweak your powerband a little on that one just like the w.b. e series I think.
the fmf powercore 4 is not a very loud pipe and gave me low to mid not to much on top though. i know this pipe is not that loud because my friend had a 300ex with an hmf and was way louder than mine
So how do u know what pipes give you power in each area?

well in most of the time the longer the silencer the better top end gain and shorter the better low end
the other day i took all the discs off my e series to clean them, and i took it for a ride with them all off, and it seemed like i had a little more bottom end. Which i like.
I was never impressed with fmf pipes, but thats just me, as stated the titanium4 would prolly be there best one. The anodized blue is kickass looking though, id like to have a yoshi pipe anodized like that.
I was never impressed with their silencers, and I've only heard average or below about them as well. Their headpipe rocks though, I'd definately recommend it to anyone.