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Jul 25, 2005
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so ive been thinking alot lately about racing mx. im not really sure what class to race in. my dad talked to a guy who races dirtbikes and he said D class? he also said i should join the ama but wouldnt it be the atva since im racing quads? what all should i get mod wise, shocks,a-arms,etc.? any input what so ever is greatly appriciated
well if you have a pipe thats great, but check the track you would be racing ats website, they may have some reqiored mods. like at the track ill race at soon requires nerf bars,kill switch, and other stuff like that, but if yoiu have all that then get your self some shocks and a arms and maybe a cdi box, o and ive never heard of d-class.............. you should go for c- class.
get a pro design intake clamp on kit and toss the airbox lid, then rejet and u got one good power increase with that and a pipe