first trick!

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Apr 28, 2005
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woot, i did my first trick, it was only a no footer but idont carem, it was fun lol, next im going for a no hander, and then a superman ;D.
haha i can do a no hander and no footer .. easy but super man lol it didnt work to well for me.. next time i get the quad out ill get some pics
it got it and when i pulled back it was a little to late and landed on the ground instead of the quad lol
i think i can do it

lol thats not me, thats my friend who can actually do a superman at the track.

when i think im jumping good enough, ill try a superman, but like i said, im tryeing the basics.
it's a lot harder than what you think. i've done em. trust me :) if you don't believe me watch the videos

i'd say the next trick you should be goin for is a heel's basically a no footer with your feet all the way up.. just keep doin no footers but each time bring your feet farther up then once you've got your feet pretty much at your elbows ...just throw your feet up and over your arms...rinse.repeat.heelclicker