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Apr 13, 2005
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Does anyone have any cool ideas for cutting my front fenders on my 02 warrior.I drew a picture on the paint thing on my computer about what i think would be cool, but it wont show up on the page, how do i send a link?
If you goto the main forums page 3 links below "General Board" you will see FTP. There are a couple of posts that should explain to you how to get the pic up. I haven't personally uploaded any pics yet, but I was reading about the FTP the other night.

Hope that helps you out
Anyone have any ideas on cutting the front fenders????
I like mine-kinda round
I always thought leaving the outside black trim looked the best, and just removing the mudflap portion, just my opinion though.
Ya, i would have done that except i didnt want to copy anyone, i want to be a little original. u know what i mean?