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Well me and my buddy Jose(cuervo) are VERY good friends, its a party when him and Jimmy(bean), Johnny(walker), Jack(daniels), and Jose come over :p
Germans make the best beer! Perhaps they should of focused on beer sales rather than trying to take over the world! ;D I would agree with lonnie, the hard stuff is much better!
bah beer is puss -> LIQUOR!!!! X_X! ;D If I had to choose though id say... Heinikin even though it gives me the shits.
budweiser is the best next to heiniken and beer isnt for pussys i no more people who rather drink liqour most people cant hold down beer and dont like the taste
Yea because beer is some hardcore **** man let me tell you it’s hard to hold it down ;). Naw actually man beer doesn’t do too much for me besides make me piss a lot and get a little buzzed - If I want to get jacked and happy liquor it is! Due to the high alcohol content in liquor and its presence in the body as a “poison” it’s actually harder to get the body to hold liquor down vs. a much less “poison” substance (beer). Your body reacts to alcohol as poisoning - the more alcohol you have in your system (drinking liquid that’s 90 proof vs. an 8 proof beverage) the MORE likely you are to throw it up and not be able to hold it down. So I’d have to say if you can’t hold a few packs of beer down you are a light weight and it’s MUCH harder to hold down a liter of say… Jack D. (which doesn’t quite taste like cherries either lol) then a liter of beer. :cool: After a good amount of drinking everything tastes the same anyway ;)! ;D!

*Corona tastes like cat piss :mad:
theres no listing for canada's beer!!!! being right next to canada, theres nothing like it!!!! hahaha
yuenling, even tho it is a lager

next would be coors, it has a crisper tase when its really cold, so as far as can beer, coors when its really cold.