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I would say the WhiteBrothers system is one of the best but there is also DMC and Yoshi and almost all with give you a power gain.
well i would say hmf is the best ... but thats because i own one and whitebros87 thinks white bros is the best cuz he owns one ... ive rode a honda 400 with a white bros on it and it didnt really seem to do much but make noise... but thats just on that honda pos
well i love my big gun and diferent exhausts give u different gains of power in diferent areas... with the big gun the main increase is the mid to top end range power but it does give power gain all around but biggest in those areas
im gunna have to go with HMF, White Bros, Pro Circuit, Yoshi, or Big Gun as the best to buy.
Yoshimura or Procircuit, they both use basically the same design principle, Yosh is a little larger and utilizes stainless steel. I dont know HMF's arent even cheap anymore, you can get a t-4 or yosh for only 30 bucks more and they are built better and look better imo. They both also have more options when it comes to a spark arrestor or decible limits.
you can remove the baffle from the stock exhaust if you want to. It makes it louder but the power gain is so small it's not really noticable
i have the stock rappy exhaust... its a better pipe than worrior exhaust ... but i dont think thats wht your looking for