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Mar 13, 2005
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How does PayPal work for the seller? How do you recieve payment? Do they put credit onto your credit card or what?

I'm trying to sell some stock parts so, any help is appreciated.
They send your payment to your Paypal account. The payment in your account is minus there fees. You can then request it in a couple of ways. I have them do a direct deposit into my checking account. That way is free some of the other ways will cost you not sure how much. I hope this helped you. I find it to be the safest way for payment.
This is off subject, but how can I post a pic. When I try to copy and paste it... it never works. I can copy the pic., but it won't let me paste it... even after I click the little "insert Pic" icon.

Somebody please give me a step by step procedure.
I use what they call the ebay turbo lister. What is does is you make all of your auctions off line then you upload all of them at the same time and they end at the same time. It is on the main ebay page at the bottom in the downloads section. The turbo lister should walk you through making a listing step by step. Good Luck